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Elegant country house with class and comfort in Mallorca

Panoramablick über den Garten bis Manacor

•   Some perfect days in life   •

To ALL birthday children and also to all who have something to celebrate:

For ALL birthday children and jubilees who want to celebrate their birthday on Mallorca at the FINCA ROTANA CORAZON with friends, there is a voucher for 250, - €.
Yes - invite your closest friends to Mallorca for a few days on your birthday, anniversary or wedding day.

Even if you know someone who is not yet "lucky" and you would like to surprise him with a voucher bonus and celebration ticket, you can still get going.
Make yourselves and also your friends on a top location a joy to celebrate in a great ambience enjoyably.
Ask for your desired holiday period. Click here to inquire.

• H I G H - S E A S O N - S P E C I A L   in June, July and August 2018


Take advantage of a reduced price in the main season.
Now only 58, - € / night per guest with a booking from 6 persons!
Please write us a direct message or call us: 0049 7129 936 888.

• Give the loved one beautiful island days


Just a little different. Give your loved one a vacation voucher. Order your voucher for the price of 80,-€ with a holiday worth 250,-€ for your nights on the FINCA ROTANA CORAZON.
Please contact us for order and further information here with a direct message.

• In the golden light of autumn come to rest and recharge heat

Romantische Bucht

The days in late autumn (in Mallorca this is the November and December!!) with a wonderful atmosphere and invite at mild temperatures between 20 to 25 degrees to enjoy life and the time fully in peace and quiet.

For the golden autumn in the central Europe, you can get as an alternative to the FINCA ROTANA CORAZON a special price - treat:

Relax a few days and start a booking request here.

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• Be active!

The spring has an ideal climate for activities such as (race) cycling, hiking, yoga and golf. Quite apart from the wonderful almond blossom.

• Enjoy the quiet winter months in Mallorca!

The property has underfloor heating throughout and a wood burning stove in the living room. Toasty warm crackling hours you expect in winter.


Yoga beginner retreat with Anja Duban from 2.11. to 9.11.2019
Meditation, breathing exercises and simple asanas were wonderfully feasible for everyone without previous knowledge.

Foot reflexology massage and seminar with Jutta Allmann
Own and new body experiences with high wellness enjoyment through Jutta Allmann.

Yoga Week from the 12th to the 19th of April 2015 with Doris Falkenburger
Doris Falkenburger held from 1from the 12th to the 19th of April 2015 a week in which you can fully indulge in yoga and relaxation.

Sensitive-Life-Balance Retreat from the 23rd to the 29th of October 2015 with yoga teacher Carmen Koberzin
Energy and balance recharge - with good nutrition, yoga, meditation and fireside chats at chimney. Top to be fit for every day of life.

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